New music everyday so help me God

> This site is my brain dump

> This site helps me write songs

> This site is my Yin

>This site is a my safe space

>This site is my social media

>This site is my social media

> This site is my Yang

> This site is not spellchecked

> This site allows me to go crazy, and always come back down.

> This site is an attempt at open-sourcing my brain. You can steal anything off it, because I don’t know you, but I love you. I am bound by making better world, one I’d want to see

Example Log


Bouncing Poetics 2 audio. Got new tags!

tag list:


-hu == human voices (1+)

-fa == Freestylers Anonymous

-na == nature

-wa == water

-pi == piano || -pa

-pho == phone

-sa == sacred audio

-se == secret

-tb == type beat

SYNTAX master notes

I’ll try to ask questions in big big so you can skim ez for preguntas

function master notes