there’s not enough time in the world

the toe is toeing up

on stage falling harder than I should've fallen
using a toe to tell the time
will be a timeless memory
memory I now need
don't want to smoke weed
is this a new me
reminds me of new leaf
supplement section when a pregnant lady said
it's a new different
this my new alternative
medicine to indifference
when you care about something so much
is it worth the risk
is it worth the fitness
required as is
a marathon, not a sprint
required as is
and never some summer bod
that never happens
love as is
as if it were the last moment
so I'm on stage
falling harder than I should've fallen
now my wrist is swollen
blood was drawn
but this pawn
don't mind
cause I'm on stage
falling harder than I should've fallen

258PM just had a nice long walk to food and a park in noes with cam gus ted marina olivia rose dennis chris and we met nate there. fun day ! now chris is going to drop me off at his place.

this soup is too spicey

i use your toe
to tell the time
that is timeless

chris just showed me this from his combo last semester


there's a letter for you

under a cactus bag

on cam's balcony

I need to go to santa cruz

to not disrupt the flow

Look forward to seeing you soon

my love unrevoked

what makes this tiny balcony my favorite

under a bag with cacti

there is a note for my love

when you dose lucy

your acid train thoughts

pickup where you left off

pad locks are easy

bump pick

with an o ring

locksmith online license

sean taught me picking

word of mouth solamente

284 ice cream

jusst found out

your the reason
i stopped being so sarcastic

i was born sarcastic

i am sarcastic

inmy new hook

cudoos to the yard narks (6)

tough job to make world dark (6)