robin read Jack and I Sofia a short story by bj novak =-=-=-=-=-=–==-=-=-==–==–==-=–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


we’re going through my dying process.

starts with the show

the last show

the encore

dying in the encore

no its a hallucination of my dying process, in it is a tour of humanity

and everything in between


[1] a show [2] architecture [3] art [4]

each reality is 18 min so thats 10.8 hrs

add that line LOL

i just lost my cellphone

you can call me on robin's phone


just got on BART its cool I actually paid this time whoa

I think I’m going to need to unlock the cards though both are tapped out. Who knows who cares.

Had a great time rehearsing with Robin and Jack last night in the ground floor outside the language department at Berkeley.

We got a lot done and drank some simpler times. I took a cliff bar from TJs and felt bad, cause that’s my favorite grocery store. I relied on Tjs a lot over the years.

The play is going well but I really want to practice more to take it to the next level. I have an italian line as well as a latin one.

you’ll rave about what’s in the book

you’ll read passages of the books

but you won’t talk about it yourself

you use the books as a voice for you

and by reading you vicariously

live the passages of the author’s imagination

who no doubt is well trained in written verse

and the author raves about what’s in their books

but they won’t speak about it themselves



on mu first cup of coffee. I’ve been slow today. Manic past few days, so slowly manic today.

Made it to the john art gallery, I love this place!!! there’s new art here…. Brianna picked me up from Richmond and I dropped her off at law school,

I need graph paper

cutting the play scenes now

{ she bought the coffee :) }


I feel like an artist, which right now means a fleshy prostitute of God.

how many genres of music can I fit in a 24 hour cycle?

401 PM

Had a good session at the art gallery, first weed hit in like 30 hours. 24 hours in I was starting to have an out of body experience that lasts a few hours.

its funny when theres diminishing returns on good manners

like when you’re polite

your friend smokes you out every time


myr·i·ad friendships

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

mantra of a thousand{ 1takes(vault36) 0 - 4 hrs }

never performed in her Capital
call me antisocial
I know its a phase
I dug myself into a pit
for the reps for the gains
mantra of a thousand
thousand thoughts
thousand humans before me in this space

she know I distracted
I know I devoted

perform in her Capital

when you go dark
you go light
light side of the mind
skateboard in my site
autocorrected to prostitute
my lappy gettin to know me
more than I know thyself
that the foundation
of all philosophy
bunny rabbit heart
blappin in the dark
scopin on the roof
cemetary with a noose
garden hose hit the snooze

Would you fuck a robot ?

Sofia was the short story by bj novak

about a man returning the first sex bot with the capacity to love

and this female robot loved him and he still returned her

cause he’s a self declared romantic

meaning where he knows it or not or is figuring it out

he’d prefer to earn love, not get it shipped to your doorstep.

so I ask you, could you fall in love with a robot?

539 PM

some people live for their 2 o clock toke

some people live for their pint at dinner

I’m one of those peeople

used and abused:

most people
some people
every race
every gender


audio show and tell

michael betts, 1992 - 2019

Cause of death

  • drowned in notifcations


hoe to go sober in nature :

    the guide

recordings of me

treating myself liek an anthropoligst


doing addy for a week and documenting it

well doing a bunch of drugs for a period of time, gaining an addiction then breaking the addiction,

by using nature

just playing in nature

and that’ll be an artistic method to overcoming any addiction.


we just popped a heretic New England Style India Pale Ale- make america juicy again

| upon my request | FITTING |


lawyer writes a song

intros always the disclaimer

758 pm

video of me stalking animals in nature and constructing stories of them

telling them their story for them in english

while in naturek for longperiods of time


Hey cortana, youtube Debussy

Cortana’s results: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=&view=detail&mid=BB4138A5C2202FBEAF4ABB4138A5C2202FBEAF4A&FORM=VIRE&ts=1548908330568&nclid=1978AEAC6BE44EEA09E89F79996E7D10&PC=NMTS

&& the reason each post says listen is because I want you to listen to me, not just my audio

but go where its nice then go and tell the story of some fucked up biomes

903 pm

when you stare at the top of the cabinets

the bottles of a variety of liqueors

the gibs of each...

you stare intently at exactly how the bottle exists

before you fuck with it

been there done that now take a pull from it

dabbin rappin with friends that true joy kid (10)
photos dont mean shit to me
its been years since they meant shit to me
contrived only word that I do see
knee jerk response kill yo self
in bold letters when you telling me
this the best photo you ever took
I take VR video in the future when I got the book
but for now that imagination
I inflated
you dont have the language
let me come in and save it
that's ok you not dumb
dumber than me bummer that seems
I not your jesus to better sex life dreams
please it not a time for fantasy
keep that to yourself
live your own story
you drive your mental health
dont spill bullshit like it different
I indifferent the way you speaking
bunch of variables taking control of your kingdom
pre frontal cortex double speak been peaking
I only see it when I don't get high
it too much so I get high all the time
then bing n binge on books and pussy and beats
yeah mic, that's all you need that's all you need
forgive and forget forget to follow your dreams
kendrick savin me from sewey things (9)
only time I'd admit my dreams (9)
time knife time knife time knife
all these realities unfolding during
nightlife nightlife nightlife

talk switch statistics money dont mean shit when you fucked up with friends pent-up with friends


drunk of heretic
call in fairfield
she paid for it
everytime thus far
so far it go hard
imma go hard blast

drunk with 3 law students
why do they seem so dumb
why do I seem so dumb


ten minutes
10 minutes later and I know I a prick

1208 pm

where did Brianna go who knows
I know you know I know
hunter my right hand man
they listen to Kanye
but they even listening
no Chris Farley
dead from dunken donuts
Starbucks got cancer
fake tits the answer
for an equinox slut
a butt Velma who gonna star in the
shining when you depressed as fuck?
peace to the bushes' that killed
911 controlled demolition
if you believe in science baby
but you don't you'd rather
get caught in my tongue
my eyes love your charm
don't move or run
then move or run
doesn't matter
it gets me
it gets me hard
I know it a disease
I know that it phallic
I know I want you
I know that it tragic
Shakespeare didn't write an end for this
freestyle or not to freestyle don't know the difference
too many syllables to her syllabus
a contract between taxes
Mary had a beer for your
pursuit of the dick
blood on the sleeve
snow on her sleeve
many believe
there's room to forgive


best dreams are wet