@ bonny view myfav room the window one, jordan is here he just got up


^^ james was telling me @ NB to get reviews running on our site - we need people to review our plays funCheap SF

Two plays under my belt but don't act it

this is julia’s dead brother holy crap so funny




out of line

freeze my feet in solidarity
i dont need weed but smoke it please

alexa damn near broke her neck
back flip from moms bed
coathanged by the dresser
on the way down
be quiet be silent
or you'll get in trouble

will I get sick
it was worth it
best day of my life
nisha serenity alexa mike

freezing my feet in solidarity
we used your blue to to tell time
that was timeless I'll never forget it

using telescope lookin through
palm read red hands blushed face damn
powder the keg I'm about to explode
spent the day with 3 babes and my tunes  
just another day at home
lucy in the henessey
cyphers on the deck
freestyle all day
I'd do it again
spliffs otra vez

thanks again fred
taught me not to smoke so much to cope so much
and fuck cigarrettes we don't need them to love
earn them by jog no communication cept google doc
thanks again robin
I really like your charm
I like that right arm
slap me in the face
it don't feel wrong
it feel so right
that my last corny line
like ride this pony time
thanks again fred
thanks again

feels so right feels so wrong all the time
not starving but starving hitting outa control new tunes everday forgetting the blame fueled my love and drugs and beats and weed somedays that's all I need now I can work a long hard night on poliwat till I die
overstep I type
why I say it was worth getting sick off Nisha's Juul
It was worth not wearing any shoes
freezing my toes off the deck
imagining in some way that's how your blue toe feel
blue toe to tell time
that was timeless
I'll never forget it CANT WAIT
I lost it Bob's wife found my malachite
my last corny line I love you tonight
that's all I'm not thinking anymore
but up cloud 9 with your core
butt up buttercup worst will be over soon
I know I need to make it to be with it
unless you as crazy as you say you are
then you ready to get epic ha
then you ready to go epic far

I know it ain't a groovy thing
to be this mean
or not to be jerked around like the last one
I know you know what I mean
to be this mean
I too savage for you
I too crazy for you
I too crazy bout you

to go out or not to go out
that is the question I reckon
I should choose to hermit now
get stuff done not another note

lucy and henessy and instant noodles on me

letting two seattle girls in your bed now your dead

eating mushrooms in sausage