books money and me.

@ SC roasters.


god damn. let’s start with books. I can’t find Homo Deus Briconomu got me, so I just have Walden.

I’ve been writing in it though.


I have a quarter. I had a dollar that actually I got from a homeless lady on haight street. Today is totally devoted to getting some work. I’m going to send Sean a video asking for help in employment. The tasks for doing that is getting poliwat up, michaelbetts.me and then writing a beat sheet for filming. Then I’ll rest up well and focus on filming it all tomorrow.

It’ll be a tour of my work. Then after sending that off I’ll


you know when you have an idea of yourself, then you find yourself doing things doing things outside of that? It rarely happens, and it’s nice. Scary, but nice.


muneerah just saw me. she was livid. I told her sorry I focus on art.

omg omg om gom gom gom gom gom gom gom gom g

es tream pirate spaceship other livestream channels
when smeagul becomes captain

read the following in papi voice

papi what the fuck
come home
fuck me like the pool boy


b back

can't find
(bottled)water in walmart