Friday !

Been up for about 30 min. We were up until about 7 AM. I threw up on Brianna and made her cum. After her and the girls took care of me and stretched me out on the deck I felt a lot better.

Apparently I was saying gibberish, I got a little too fucked up.

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

day 1 of infiltrating poliwats notes- im stowing away underthe keyboard… i wonder how long until he notices me oh shit, he just did signed, the gremlin under the bed

the bonny dojo training begins.


im brain dead today

so exhausted from moving stuff

and we walked in on a party and it was fun


definitely do a project with some condoms they are so fun to play with

Remixed Walden in the Henflings tavern, a great place.

on a bad day
ill be a goodslut
for some good coke
for some good fun