1009 AM In oakland at jack’s house.

Who is to blame


welcome to humanity

the best sex is to be found
in the poor, the passionate,
and the rich and smart

many of the smartest seem to be dogs at heart

I wanted to wait until my dad died before I sucked a dick but that ‘ed’ doesn’t mean I did it

why am I so desensitized to adrenaline she accidently she dialed her boyfriend of 4 years when I grabbed her lets see if she can play it off cool

it just means that I have to wait until my dad dies before I suck a dick

sailing past the Rubicon and getting by in big ways =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

505 pm

been stealing from grocery stores like every day this whole time, I feel like Aladin

me jack and helen are making dinner, we just worked with matt at a coffeeshop on play stuff. He’s upset cause he’s out of money - I have just the change in my pocket but I feel pretty good. Different mindsets for sure. But like (and I know I’ve said this before) Mac Miller said in one song we don’t need anything but today.

only money to my name
is this change in my pocket
this change in my head
rags to riches
making music
gotta learn to be poor
before you know how to be rich
alladin safeway stealing
I fucked your main bitch
drowning in pussy
my sins are forgiven
cause when I fucked up
I only fuck for the lord
and the task he's given
ride that delusion like a board
I straight
all my ugliest actions
straight inspiration
owe more friends money
its a wonder I haven't been shot
its a sin I haven't been caught
its a sin I bought my own bullshit
with philtered soul
best coffee I had
crazy eyes I had


538 pm

bout to start on play rehearsal, we just had a nice dinner and watched a little bit of the matrix


cant sleep. getting a poliwat set together. it’s almost done.

just using the best drafts I can possibly use. Who knows what’ll happen