838am its time at the bonnu djy


me jack helen are all working on campus today lol - they are visiting from the city :D

I'm confused tonight

living in a van
living with some cheap rent
living with musician friends
god damn
and I know that love and legacy
will feed my soul in the end baby
I talking more songs
I talking I plead the fifth
who I make love to
or what about when I spit
god damn
I don't care about hits
I will die but my ideas won't bitch


wow how am I running out of words

probably cause I freestyled like 10 hours thepast 2 days


sitting in a field looking at the ocean. jack is missing. need to return his keys.

its been a productive day for gettting some tunes up on bandcamp.

its sad that my laptop broke, I have lost access to a lot of good stuff.

``` to SM's view to the bay front inn to a hotel in the end finally found a reason to get money right i talking mexico hablo espanol ```