next time I go out I teach God a lesson
next time I go out I teach God a lesson

gotta lesson from the trappist abbott
every actor an object of art
said in the word of God
the pen of benedict
is it a creed or creep
when he too vague to beg

gotta lesson from the drunk shaman
mantra of a thousand as of late
they my therapy today
I need it I breath it a clean slate
pero slate lake stop crying over lost tape
a la carte trip visit from edos
I a monk
handsome youth having fun
god chose my temple
he chose the sword
I chose the pen
and his temple
well tortured to death
theres snow on his sleeve
I'll make a plan to fuck for a living
believe wouldn't' you
these discoveries my discoveries
bother the bishop cause I
gotta lesson

cant believe I sayin this
but I couldnt keep my shit
together I had to ruin it
plow it way matt shave his head
on the beat cant read kramer
kick open that door
cosbypolitics on the floor

cause next time I go out I teach God a lesson
next time I go out I teach god a lesson
next time I go out I teach god a lesson


you call me in my own headphones

922 am

tree is dying
we still climbed it
moonlit our faces
god test it
pond so cold
we still test it

she ate a chip off my leg
became the cig bank

i think too much
therefore Im too much
I tka her to write her affairs
I write my side of field
I hope it works in the shield
its dope I think its working
who knows i quit smoking
cept always writing, riding eception
only my music these days
seem to be only person that gets me
dont care anyways i calling the shots
my house my rules
get out this the no phone zone
this the go the fuck home zone
this the only way to spoon though
so my leg don't fall asleep
I sorry I meant it don't
eat that corndog
brian this time
jack next time
pero is going to see
me fuck by the end of the scene
go pro ok 4k
england brixton difference

go head add it

-=-=-=-=- 10. track: pale blue sober 1 v1

today I submit

 today I submit to criticism
cause it's the healthy thing to do

while its raining I the blunt side
4 new girls at new leaf 4 new queefs
4 bottomless mimosas 4 kids in africa

...tbc cant find the beat ...


finish set in ableton or at least playlist for next week :


crytpic flow poliwat freestyle

too many kids from too many sins
too many wins  from too many stints
damn stinns autohaus ma ma might make a mechanic outa me now
I need a mentor I need a guru
aha oho bless you
just did anal stress you
just did anal stressed arent you
all up on the screen


use those likes as lube
to defeat that ego phone booth
mabye selfie at the each for you
food dude
bitch you aint even having fun
suck like a lot
you playlsit sucks my fucking cock

shut the fuck up dont rap like that
dont tap like that fuck stop writing bad lyrics
that your new sayance say yes to

3   2  1 on lock
I'll say it again, say it again, I say it again
I say it again i say it again
I say it again
screw you, shop vac slump buster
I'm the SNERD snugglin
you're the stranger in the cave
cave of cold thoughts

I take it she's one to write her affairs
so I write my side
what is every actio up to this point
but pointless
needa girlto testThis
you'd can't spellcheck this

=-=-=- first step of the streaming mvp: mixx of audio on shuffle 247

907 am nother day0

bonny dojo schedule I not working: I workin

wake up

maschine instrumental done by noon

just let the ideas come to you

you dont come to the ideas

ideas == girls

just let the girls come to you

you dont cum to the girl s

cookbook of metaphrical relations among humans - 2 side by side

im sure she decronstructs the personality traits of most men she sleeps with

she laughs at them and with them

and I’ve been selected to be her next project