Lunar Particle Syntax

oh and don’t trust anything on reddit


holy shit.

I got the laptop!!!!

I’m in heaven

also we’ve had a lot of sex since bri drove an hour just to pick me up from the BART station.

it was tight.

IM BACK !!!! Holy shit it feels great. I can’t stop

@ a coffee shop now in Davis, it’s nice but I don’t remember the name of it. But I worked here twice today.

I’m down to 11 dollars, I gotta make it last !

right now I’m setting up the new poliwat site………….

so excited…… This is going to go well

alright small discrete steps,

update links:

—- Launch 2.0 poliwat using hugo and bandcamp / youtube for media —- empty all SD cards, make new sound library system + folder structure for the month

poliwat log 1 offish

I wanna get my dailies done erry day

damn this will be the lappy for it

I love it so much

Imma name is that