homo deus

in my favorite room this is the one lol…..

the sun room on the deck

listening to freestyles from last night, writing down the nugs.

``` the first line of it acid confession I said are you making a pass at me we were high up up in the tree big moonlight out up at an airbnb tight it was just a field a pond a river we explored it all she didn't want to go in the water I went and splashed her uh oh they are missing and I know that oh miss myself missin you think about it in the river though that was a little piece of old me shut it down I feel it like it was yesterday time stops when I'm with you as of late how long before it goes away damn from plan z to plan a holy shit and the england kinda girl england she rom baths too phoebe yeah shit loved it same thing thats what love do at the end of the day they're just waitresses waiting to die in this nation I never wouldve predicted it but then we went I fucking just cheated I just fucking lost it cam's couch ted's bed and climbing through jack's window ```


fight or flight or die
who you roll with
who you roll Js with

rolled up

iJim a good whore .

this ones to los migos
rest in peace
rosanne cosby kramer wood allen man

im talking brother schoof
how he had no shoes

get in it
eat the icing if you wanna see your children
cause god is in everything
even time
even though

I pull out and cum on her shirt
her moby dick shirt
thats why Im freestyling moby dick all the time
I know
inside jokes wont get me far
but they make me laugh
and they get me to the bars
counting mintues when I waking up
when the next drink?
and I drink it up
everybody wanna think too much and I stink it up
whoooa !
fuck up every single track
cause Im with my friends
another musical track so versatile
going to the ends
whose a modern day beethoven
who I make love to I plead the fifth
I done focus

we canbuild a bridge

i dont give a shit that you dont want kids


629pm chads about to leave the bonny dojo


everyone’s over and we might play a game

they wanna get trippy tomorrow so I’m down

but I need to make some tracks.