502 PM

hunter threw up like 5 times but we’ll hang out for real soon.

Damn still recovering from falling in a damn khole on the first night of moving in!

there was a tub orgy situation but I was throwing up- not that I’d do that anyways, it felt like I was recieving surgery, but they were just stretching me out.

Was having a shitty day, briconomu’s being awesome. I think I’m not really a good person to date. I just get too emotionally fucked up every few days.

But just started with hitting the gestapo folder and some fresh illest village

long story short

was really sad till I started playing this tape I got a few weeks ago with chad and kevin

Fuck this is the time to do a laundry for sure lol

piss marks the spot
who pissed here ya

we all set up  
we all setup
we all rolled up
chad fuckin rolled it
chad a fuckin blessing

I just rolled it into a cylinder

but you found the right tactic
like a good eagle scout
karima we never hooked up
cause she fucked half the squad
kinky bitch

in a different world me
in the mirror could I fae myself please

once a month that's enough
to look into the mirror

530 pm

im not sad

im just ambitious

everymoment you precious

dont worry that coastin

emo know though

Im stranger to suicidal thoughts

music release release that tension

stretch me out, oh why not

you are a present
need I say it
let me show you through me actions
my actions assume it
you a present

I need presence

in this moment

Im not sad Im just ambbitous
world seem fucked up when I sober

not known to be faithful
except in my ideas
not known to be stubborn
except in my feels

no ones ever seen me on a gamecube here (x4)

I gotta hard drive in a sock


laura and helen picked me up from my new place.

we in pero’s car about to hit his new place in the presidio


space telecsope 6j