im on mission

its a huge tasks

mistakes are okay

igf im learning or growing

my mantra



acoustic mic

i spent alll this time recording
and i dont listen


I spent all this time recording (8)
I did it all without listening (8.5)


ok ok ok ok ok ok

at cole coffee with Robin, we get to work on our own shit then we have to rehearse the rest of the day. Her all black notebook says Eat. Sleep. Act. Ha.Ha.

I’m milking this ableton trial, only doing savage fast edits for the next 25 days.

I’m consolidating all my best human tape and then instrumental tape in separate folders, for the mvp of PBDFM. I want to launch it on my birthday :) that would be best case scenario for sure.

I raelly can’t wait to jump into maschine again.

so reall ym only goal is to have 24 hours minimum of human tape I edited and same with my own music (or friends, like fukano, james, niko, jessie, hassed, etc)

if i told you my realest thoughts
id be assassinated before I got outa the maze

first stream :


  • based off my stanford show format, life the musical
  • Freestylers Anonymous, Meetings going on 247

^^ finish these two so I can graduate to

  • Mantra of a Thousand Tape format
  • Vault 36 (36CoR)


-hu == human voices (1+)

-fa == Freestylers Anonymous

-na == nature

-wa == water

-pi == piano

-pho == phone

need a master document for for myself like a ref doc so I don’t have to search so hard for certain things.

lost and found lyrics draft

  • piano sing song time mic

I am lost but I have found
what it's like to live in your town
but every grump has been a child
every girl has been a child
every drunk has been a child
I know I've been one hun hun hun

What is learned soon to be forgotten
when my heart slips through the silver lining
I said theres hope
in the way
she looks she looks at his face
there's hope there's hope there's hope


you are lost but you have found
but it was not what you lost
so every drunk has been a child
every girl has a child
every drunk has been a child
I know I've been one
hun hun hun hun hun hun


``` walking in smelling like another woman cause I wanna be caught I gotta be taught I wanna get shot when I thinking like this why cant I stop thining like this SHUT THE FUCK UP MIC start breathing start acting like this so I say (ch) ok ok ok ok ok wheres my button up ```

maybe the stuff with the tags is the stuff I can broadcast legallllllly but tha’s not realistic I can’t listen to absolutely everything unless I didn’t sleep

well tortured tortured to death
therers snow on his sleeve
I'll make a plan to fuck for a living
believe, wouldn't you
these discoveries my discoveries
bother the bishop
cause gotta lesson from the woke hobo
pro bono bonobo in perhipheral
next time I got out I teach and leave a note


just got back from play rehearsals at Berkeley. We did it in some building right next to the language department or something.

Just going to do some audio work tonight before sleep, it’d be best to edit the scenes we just practiced.

That’s best case scenario. Pizza on the way so my soul is fulfilled. More later. going to work

been drunk more times than your dad
little bitch
your dad an alcholic
little bitch
wasted potential never made it
little bitch

make a spoken wordmusical with all the wooks

produce the fuck out of em let go 918pm

reheheral all day and I could do it for 3. love the crew I’m working with. Perodise 4 life and also hurd marina josh