Briconomu and I are moving to SC today! She’s making paleo pancakes right now. Listening to Herbie Hancock.

I look

I’m moving the audio from the poetics rehearsals onto a recorder.

I gotta get cameron’s pws so I can bum off his servers for this site - an old client I don’t talk to anymore seems to have cancelled their getforge hosting with me so everything’s about to fall offline.

today marks a new chapter in my life that I’m so excited for. I feel like this is just like moving up Empire Grade, but where I failed at Empire I can be successful at the Bonny Dojo. I’m going to get everyone focused and working together cause that’s the most fun and rewarding way to do it, and based off the vibes last time I went there. I should just do 1 stream a week starting out, or like the same time every day. Hypothetical House is the perfect place for VR chat. ahahahaha.

Yesterday a public defender that lives here talked to two people that were going to be in jail for a long time. I wished I asked Kendra what they talked about, how the interaction went.

already wrote my own bible
buried it in the woods
you'll never find it
till death take me
till death takes you

damn craig
sally would eat your soul
if you put on a plate
way she typing to mate
what happened to isabella
I wanted to hear some broken English
that straight inspiration
better than adderall n vaping
Im just cheesing
sorry every player has their day
and today you were the player that got played


get to that laser cutter michael

and make your first

first function box

look at any random living room

and imagine if you were to make one small piece out of wood

and how it could be used as a conversation topic

and what people would say about it



> first item

to go in the uhaul was the telescope.

I’ve never used it, but it’s been around. It was used in the last play we did.

I look forward to setting up the telescope on the deck though. I wonder if there’s a cool way to live stream with a mobile rig, without having to use a phone. That would be nice.

I think because I look up when I feel lost

and I don’t feel that lost, just confused and inquistitive.

I’m surprising myself, this feels significant

had blaze pizza, a toke, a cotton candy bang and my homestasis has been achieved.

I feel a profound peace. It’s working.

I lied about the telescope being the first item. Technically I put my circuits suitcase in the cab, I don’t like the idea of my electronics getting bumped around too much.

It’s an old suitcase my parent’s used, and I think it brings me +18 Joy points

when I’m touching it. Plus I’m not that great at electronics and it serves as a good luck token. ok now back to moving, and harvey the little black 12 lab 12 chihuaua is sniffing my leg.

>first thing

you see in my VRland

welcome human
you are loved

is the

> first sign

|| the longHand

welcome human
you are loved
in this space.
Trust yourself
to dig yourself
out of any hole
you encounter, (comma on purpose)



for me

why is it taking me so long to attain a solid understanding of my response to weather

guess that’s what they mean

when it comes to expoerience

and that’s why I love speaking with old people

they are my therapy today.

Met this lady Davis at Blaze Pizza in Davis. She told me this book changed her life

let me remember, please

alvin something


It was a book written 40 years ago by her estimation.

She read it 40 years ago and it changed her life. She mentioned it 2 minutes deep into a conversation with a stranger while ordering pizza.

She got the cauliflower crust for an extra 2.50. Does it matter.

Look in the mirror and say does this face matter? a thousand times

I like to alternate the words, it’s rewarding to ask sounding like an assertion

    does this face fucking matter?

The author Alvin (still can’t remember his last name) predicted a lot of technoigcal and societal changes, Davis told me.

yeah I’m pretty high

but at least I’m doing something with my life

I just got a painting in the back of a uHaul

sweep yo mammas porch
mamma told me
mom told me
call the doctor 739 3561


1 800 321 2843....

mom telling me my benefits ended today

oh my

so what valid reason could allow them to reinstate my cenCal?

if i dont get that i cant get morphine in my balls

and that cyst removed

the my dick wouldnt lean to the left

she still like it dude

dollar to my name insurance ended today

showing love towards an

ambivalent god

ambition in building love

as a human involves loving

an ambivalent god

i love it all

i love the pain

my right ankle sore

too many hills,


slide on all 4s

damn it feel good

to be an adult kid

damn it feel good

to be an adult kid

so showing love

towards ambivalent god

seems like a good practice



just for today
just for today

I don’t want to be michael

I want to be fred


who is on top of the chain

some say time

is top of the chain

but how could time be top of the chain

when time ceases to exist in a black hole?

who is top of the chain

do you have to give up who

in order to be top of the chain

like some graffiti art on BART train

Jack. I knew all along that mentioning I was masterbaiting to Mary Beard would score points with Robin. You were entertained, and played, my friend. Love you!