smelled great lo siento im sorry i hate jack i was just being normal to him and he caught me sniffing my finger cause i did it too many times NEW DEAL NO telling any jack anything im sorry u great no it makes it more real if someone bears to witness so people watching our play 4 times really immortalizes it for me. I found this skull and its true
pussy juice on my fingers
dollar to my name
spent it on a coffee
one day I'll run this game

pussy juice on my fingers
my fingers are missing girls
my girls are missing fingers
one day I'll run the world


my girlfriends getting worried

with anxiety about me cheating

I’m not, I don’t so I send some Jordan Peterson

I’m not, though I’m tempted so I spend time thinking.

I myself myself missing you

my laptop missing a screw

I could that that

I couldn’t fix you

PBD_3_v2 is getting me through this morning right now. It seems like the more anxious you get the more you feed your anxieties.

on the days I feel more like a glorified prostitute

on the days I feel more like Christian bale

on the days I feel more like Earl

on the days I feel too much and want to be

a brain in a vat

instead of a rat in a cage

when I need to dance

do a stupid dance. a stupid dance to dance my ugliness away

cause at the end of the day

life is a sacred circle

I am a sacred spliff

The world my stage, though I feel more a prop

The internet will not be homogenized
she breaking glass ceiling
I index from 0
[and did it all for you0]
I miss myself missing you
[medicine her]

while I'm trapt in the womb
tv is perfected

why I dont watch it

id rather make progress

get fucked

get fucked up

not give a fuck

about contrived statements

my latest sentiment

лоок ат техсе стоцкс

ёу фиш ин а бошл
И кнош ёу

И кнош ёу кнош И кнош

дамн ПИ гонна бе тхе енд оф ме ман

И доньт царе И цоулд оут талк аныбоды


леаве ит то ме фор итсабусе


you’ll get a lot farther in life michael

if you don’t question

the function of jack’s window

638 pm

doing tech rehearsal the last one before the show this friday !!!

it’s going to be so fun :D

grace paley

laurie moore

lucia berlin


me jack and helen just got back from tech rehearsal, it was super sick.

we passed the rubicon and it’s not even midnight. that’s for tomorrow.

-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-