brianna made paleo pancakes

today I feel a little less talented aha

I am really letting money get to my mind for some reason

I need to just work it out :)

I know what I have to do, and I know what it’s going to take. =–=-==–==-==-=–==–=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

hmm what do I do…. I guess I know what to do..

I need to make a poliwat site and pale blue site with dope audio links

soooooo I just need to whip up some radio drafts

Nikki !!

We really need to meet because I went real deep on recording life


  • add t nuts to the list smoked with dan

i love him he’s fun

we had a nice talk about wood

310 pm

tewuila time

im the best slutty boif in some ways got freedom at cost of my own time

i just walked in and helicoptored my dick

that was the second attempt

the first attempt didnt work

i walked in and asked

you trying to get some dick ?


helicopter dick worked once

jack high idea, you gotta go homeless

as a friend I think you should go homeless with me

and we get one month passes to a really nice equinox

somewhere in la or so cal

and we work on the next play

at the gym

and then be homeless street performers

at night

and sleep on the beach and live stream as homeless people

ugh im the worst

I shoudl kill msyelf

tell myself that all the time ask me how I so free so DGAF call it a crime call it this rhyme Im calling it I will go farther wanting to die all the time in my mind all this talent is is a gift or weakness

damn another sip bout to drive its a wonder that I still alive

improv douche asked if anyone in the audience was on acid I said if you’ve taken it 100 times are you always on acid

I already know you know I know this Robin can we get a fact check Robin can we get a fact check check your ex in xyzs in stds

ooo wh owoulvde thought i came outa my mothers birth canal banal

carter carter carter did he? did he? move with that attitude did he

im calling curtain call for the curtain fall girls go wild when the curtain up men revolutionize take that curtain down I just wanna shower with you anime wow I said it I meant it every moment worth dying for when you’re in my mindset there Im calling curtain call for the curtain fall

titties titties! titties!! titties!!! titties!!!!

I know I’ll sing I’ll sing into my grave even when I bout to die I silently sing you know what I mean I talking the light autocorrect fleshlight sent the message just to see what happens sent the message just to see what happens that’s what happens when you messing with me flirting with me dirty girls I too clean for me let me feel myself tonight I love myself I love myself only sometimes I would never admit talented that a gift something I wanna smoke something I wanna give

who dare cross me when I cross swords n paths with peros and laughs who knows the crow knows man bro dont you know how good it feel to say bro i laugh I cry without context right sing all the time no fucks to give to fucks to lick lick is to give i know we will i read his journal after he was in a coma and thought he woke up 350 years later

the new deal 8

uh oh she cuming through the wetsuit uh oh I peeing through the wetsuit always gotta pee girlsk always like me when I nerd out she still cum tho when I nerd out she still cum tho when I nerd out she still cum tho

bless up dry spell

the new deal 10

**703 PM**

much tequila later

only smoked weed once today
and only smoked one cig

I can't wait to smoke another with helen

I hope I earn it

omg I better practice my lines then......

at least I got my laptop :D <3 You briconomu this is the best thing to happen to be thus far. I can do anything in the universe, with a decent laptop.

going to savagely organize my sound library

and migrate stuff off the ssd that's on here, for some reason everything by default is going there L O L who the fuck would do that

officially my groove music sucks dick   

what do I do or say

what do I say or do

when I look at you

when I cross with you

two pretties walk onto the bart

Im fucked up tequila with laptop

imma write lyrics that they dont hear

for years

Imma hit them with kindness

they dont feel

for years

you and me have felt it for years

dumb bitches with smrt phones

smart phones taking dumb bitches

taking dumb bitches

for a ride

for all the beats I liked

and all I don’t

to this 8 bucks on me

snuck on bart again

Imma write another one

Im poor again

Imma write another one

Im drunk again

Imma write another one

another one that’s all they know through gmail

hitting up on bitches on gmail

hitting up on bitches on quora

hitting up on bitches on facebook

nah no one actually checks facebook

leave that with the in of the old

the old is the face the book is the old the old is the mace the mace is the face the face is the grace we gonna need more of that you jump in the pool today you will never be ready for when you jump you will never be ready you gotta stunt you gotta front like it written though I know itsmy future self that jwrote it

I dont car e

you obviously do

kill me

and see who cares dude

I dont give a shit

pull up my whip

nothing without robin

I a dumb bitch

with a smart phone

smart phone taking my dumb bitch my dumb bitch for a ride for a ride

cant do anything but therapy

its better without you think about you more than I should more than I could admit less than you would commit anything less than you wouldn’t send she won’t talk to me till I 10 outa 10 is it worth it though dumb bitch on a smmart phone not impressed by whats real unless you shove it in they pretty face with the context with the peel suga mamma get me that kombucha bart ride liek no otha ride this privelege like a wave ride it most don’t know they racist gainst racists its funny when you don’t care for definitions intuituition there’s no dumb side both sides think the other is dumb am I right? pentagon relased footage of a ufo BART girl getting slaray for running gmail like a fiend gmail like a queen for runnign gmail like me for typing up a storm that for free when my lyrics are bottomless I write more than any conquest you imagined in your heart without a full heart I feel bad for you with a full heart doesn’t matter though cause whats more sexy than a boy that focused than a boy that know it than a bot that focused than a boy that know it what more sexy than a boy that focus than a boy that know this than a boy that focus than a boy that know this

imma go and smoke imma go and toke with my robin bloke and i know i not yoked and i know i wont throw and i know i gon go and I know this dont make much sense to you know but the point that I pussy fotting same point reason that you’re down I know I simplify I know you won’t follow if I write it in song so I blog it when I blacked out cracked out too much coffee on the daily wow

who could stop this lyrical beast after all this I still rapping for free double speak all I see through simplified language hyprocrisy all up on the beat all oup on the street no one wants to care with me and I know I give dick for free if she nice enough to me if she challenge me while being nice enough to me but Im a masochist at heart sometimes temperment volatile not wise I know you know I know I know you know I know I know you know I know

I know you know I know I wrote this without a beat beat stopped I kept on writing B break it downthe way she breaking glass ceiling imma break it faster than anyone max feeling i felt it all and it a wonder though and it a wonder still so many pretty people why you nervous bitch cant compete with it only person you lying to is yourself therefore you lying to everyone around you sorry i said it i meant it caps lock on when I typing while drunk or high only time id admit it through song and verse verses til the day I die chorus till I get stuck

the beat started on bart front like i run a full house of cards id never see it main strategy same as my

if I dont have a phone and I think it lit think I gonna ruin it with this instagram bitch no Imma tell what she wanna know and not confuse her too much imma show you a good time timberlake in my mind m study and focus apolsky only one that sees through this without meeting him ill interview when I done with the ragged shit cause i not done busing’ my cartilege max those millimeters on that cartilege ill bate in public if I get a switch see if I qualify for some extra cheese see if I qualify for that light beef shred only if it a burrito bowl lie only if she wanna go fight only if I wanna know the bounds of my strength or someone’s tryin to kill me today what the difference main emotion indeifference god out for cigs media out for cigs only fam that understand me are my memes only fam that understands me

who knows though

i hope to talk to her yo cause I miss a good convo nothing bout it sexual cept the fac that she hot cept the fact that she smart nothing to it just play it cool passion my best friend passion got me here in the first place man passion mbetter than you’ll ever know passion harder than you’ll ever flow

who knows though

i don’t give a fuck get fucked get fucked up dont give a fuck

find me only on riot talking real shit with only the kindest not a dick measuring contest

cryptic flow infected my mindset briconomu infected my mindset

world my stage tho i feel more a prop clues ive learned from view in rearview mob my tongue blunt tool my tongue she like on pop world my stage tho I feel more a prop

think of life like a book that my hook i the main character so I act like it caesar said the world your stage

and I said imma get off in two stops even though I know the difference in the drop and i know imma reach for the stars even though i smarter than the mob not harder to be smarter than the mob second tuesday of each month get that therapy you need myself dont need a beat when you rapping with me doesnt mean we a thing just means im me stuck in the glass or being a disciple of something bigger than me bigger than your pussy stronger than a roofie soemthign in her herpies none of it to me i ride it std free contribute it to breathing meditating on the daily i the next stop i michael flops peace to you milo I love you WHAT


fuck jack just got back to the city

play rehearsal kinda at some fancy ass apartment complex
where josh lives who's in the play.

now back at cam's place.

resume cover letter and sample of work

are they people
ae they pigs

**605 pm**

IS ANYONE FRONTING is anyone listening i front like i listening im trying to listen listen have you listened to me for hours

i hope this suits you well

this is my stream

im streaming

once a week at first for just 24 hours mondays

mondays somedays where did the day go ```

when you find out your passion your sworn enemy

when you realization that your sworn enemy has been workin gon the same side as you. this is a song about that

let me be that vessel for the scientist that need lulliby for the final moment of they life