I don’t mind that he stole the couch just now - I had it all night and got the proper amount of zs.

Philip S H Hour | I’m thinking of you.

I have green snot which might be me getting sick. You can’t get sick Michael, because the play premieres tomorrow night. I’ll be able to perform. Then the next night. It won’t be that big of a deal I bet.

It’s been kind of fun having just the change in my pocket lately. My life is changing, I don’t even want to smoke weed anymore. It’s interesting.

Camelia used to work at the coffeeshop in cruzio when I worked in an office there doing web stuff. She is an excellent musician, and is also really smart and fun. Will in the band was in a composition class I took (off the book cause it was a music major senior blah blah). He made that one sick track where I do my sword and pen thing.

friends fatal flaws masterlist

hunter needs love

gotta a lesson from the woke hobo
run water before raiding cupboards
pro bono life advice feed their ego
they feed your stomach
no one knows you don't fuck with money
let me be peter pan in neverland
just cause it doesn't exist for you
doesn't mean it can't quite for me

what not to do how not to speak
in company suffering as much as me

gotta lesson from the   

__ jacks fatal flaw

he’s a dick

I’m peter pan in nverland

matt is short tempered


the fatal flaws that will be the end of us

my friends:

helen’s apathy or selfishness

matt cant control himself like a dog, it mightbe his best trait

cameron’s people pleasing desires __

said my morning glory

at the end of the day, when push comes to shove,
when all is said and done, when the fat lady sings,
you think you believe in god?
you think you dont believe in god?
both those thoughts are god
don't you know that God is a fuck doll
you can't escape God
god is in everything
even sex robots

when I think it’s over

they think it’s all over s like the world cup

we took a quick gus gave us a pic of a 5 year old, we’re goin g to take it to peoples barbershop after some noisebridge work sesh with coffee

150 pm

just getting going @ noisebridge with helen. i dressed up as a monk and shes going to film me for the play promotion stuff. Of course the first person we tell about the play is this minister here. We were just chatting in general and he casually dropped the words poetics when talking about what he was working on. It’s funny you just anyone what they’re working on and they basically have to tell you


at supreme pizza with helen. she’s getting nervous about lines so we’re going to practice soon. cam is in the mix and I have his keys, so I’m sure we’ll rendevous soon. more to come

``` your boyfriend's coming on thursday my girlfriend's coming on saturday so thats fiday monday tuesday wednesday lets slow down time by jogging and smoking so the jogging is more difficult if we suffer we'll get more time together jk fuck that ```


rubicon passed

not a cent in my pocket
not a cent in his
just a mob of blonde hair
little beard too

whole lot of love
nothing to do
oh I love you and your crazy pants

its a long way from a vw van
from my other man

I used to find you repulsive
I don't know what it is
It comes from my body, from my guy

yes I love you crazy pants
cant explain it
never had a chance

if you can stay here
I want to stay here
with you forever

oh yes
don't let them handle me
just drive me mad

not a cent in my pocket
not a cent in his
cross the ocean just to find

might cause my soul to flow
like the ocean

where he's going I don't give a damn

sleep on anyone's couch

oh I stood on a stage with you
night after night
oh Frisco tenderloin piano fight

didn't know what was happening
flowed on through
like the ocean I didn't know I crossed for you

if you give a wook
a whipit
theyre gonna
need k to go with it