250 pm

@ rehearsal, its the ale boys scene so I have a second to type.

Michael H and Marina just left, we’ve been practicing since 10 AM.

It’s funny, I feel I could be a lot more help to jack if he wasn’t being so horrible to me, but I don’t take it personally cause he’s being mean to everyone else. He’s just stressed. He should stick to writing, or get a dumber cast. But I just say that cause I’m mad - he should really just empathize with everyone a bit more.

It’s cute when people get real smart in one thing, but lose the other more fundamental skills along the way. The same shit happens to me. For example when I spend a weekend on hacking some shit, there’s certain friends I can’t really interface with cause my autistic bar gets maxed out. Who knows what will happen, but I will say this is the last play I want to work on with Jack, cause it could be so much better if he was just a little bit different. If he treated people a bit better. But I said that during the last play so I could just as easily keep doing plays with Jack for the rest of my life. Who knows what will happen. It’s just when you’re doing it, you hate each other?

He said he was envious / jealous of my lady skills. My lady skills aren’t even that great! I just like people in general, and that is attractive or something.

real bottom line I love him a lot and its worth the abuse

and even if he never learns it’s still better to stick around.

I love the fact that my last line in the play is ‘I know’ - I’m a big fan of that. This whole experience is great.

Bottom line I think if Jack does a dose with me, he might be able to see that there’s nothing to be jealous about with me. the dose would show him there’s no good reason to be jealous of anyone in the first place. You don’t need a dose to see that. But you might need a dose to intimately know it, to change your brain so even your knee-jerk responses are altered for the better.

I haven’t had any caffeine today and it feels weird! Can’t remember the last time I’ve been not on caffeine this late in the day.

Luckily there’s a piano here. I want to play it by the end of the day.

I’ll record that part at least. I smoked a stoge 10 minutes ago but already regret it. Just wish I had a coffee to go with it.


tech rehearsal is fun and slow

helen give me


this play is so conrtived and try hard

but it makes me laugh everytime


I can clean it up a bit


428 PM

tech rehearsal going well

make a spoken wordmusical with all the wooks

produce the fuck out of em let go 918pm

rehearsal all day and I could do it for 3. love the crew I’m working with. Perodise 4 life and also hurd marina josh kick ass.

u need soap

i am soup

we need a lot of patience

because you are crazy Pants24

___ liar

i stated my game plan, lower jacks stress


submarines in my pocket, have you seen
my own perro-scope, robin000's dope


why do I love seeing the retarded version of something good

maybe cause its more common which makes it more real

discrete times to get crazy