its been so hectic upon waking!

@ ted gus’s - their dad came over so we power cleaned real wquick.

I woke up with a sore throat so it looks like Im getting sick? but it doesn’t matter much because I have so much adrenaline. I’m dressed as Fred right now, which is 100% cameron’s interview outfit that got him a job at Ebay.

I feel more like Fred. just posted to reddit of some promo video we pumped out lat e last night

mostly excited cause chad’s coming here around 4PM to film behind the scenes and ultimately other stuff as well. IT’s GOING TO BE DOPE

made a quick promo video

camtedGus's couch kettle started day one kettle's boiling conversation cramped on a couch she gave me a book rec I gave her moby dick she said she didn't cum usually from penetration then made an exception I came on her shirt moby dick cotton situation flyer at fisherman's wharf suddenly I monk on lucy darwin was good to me darwin what good for me fall in love or a watery tomb run the water when I gotta use jacks housemates mouth rinse bad news, my shits in 4-5 places my dick is for you lets make it work I don't give a shit

filmed at noisebridge edited with cam at his place. just like the good ole days! so fun to edit with him

youree name is karma

youre not karma to me

your name is karma

your not karma to me


in the back of matt’s prius. play today!!! I’m kinda tired right now

we’re rehearsing in the car and he’s making a great kramer

18th and noe street is close to the moby dick bar

a homeless lady on haight street asked me for some money and I told her I didn’t have a cent on me, and she ended up giving me her dollar, and we talked a bit and she said I deserve it more than her. I told her I loved her and would get her back one day.

and I said we’ll end up in the same placedi


in bob's room

this is the place to be high

this the best night of my life

Im in love Im fucked up I might

fuck it all and get rich quick

to get my love tonight

gave her moby dick

brain is melting more than

got a lesson
from play
poetics 2

imma open the book
imma grow up then look
into your heart your soul
your cards left field that me
that I know
(I know)nothing
I know
my last line
thumb through
feeds for
tools grew
out of the blue
connective tissue go and connect it
turn it around think by to 7
burn that bound 2 lyric
damn it not the way you move
the fact you a gift
cause a gift you open
then don't fuck with it
I shouldn't've spoken
when I know this
too soon voltage
violate my pilgrimage
in only the right way

that me on the front page
look mom I made
commitment to a track
frost on a phone trapt
cost of freedom snack

that me look mom
commitment to a beat
commitment to me
not a good time to get high
when she get me high I get by
biographies of her favorite authors

no coments on nothing

Trippy chris
trippy chris's room
bob's room
Bob's room
fallen in acid paradisio
pergatorio if I stay too long

whoever can learn my charts
can make music with me
jump on the typeface
istanbol loves san fran

I a hopells romantic
MILLIONS of people frantic
one hand typing spastic
good night,
delete it.






just got to bonny dojo

i think i act as if
i install surveillance equipment sometimes