vina CA

12 pm

in the car with helen josh brian and jack’s driving

he rented the car and we’re heading to vina to tour some monastery


I can’t type what I normally type when she’s watching. I’ll try to change the angle.

I love her our scenes are amazing

from running through

1227 pm

rehearsals are going well evem in the car, we do a couple scenes then sing to a nice loud song as a break.


organizing my sound library. I’m realizing one major change I gotta do, folder structure looks like this

robin ate a chip off my leg
robin sitting bitch

image of me cuddling with my laptop dying of ionizing radiation poising


Audio hit list

couple breaking up

a painful convo

but edited so each thing they say

you hear it 5 times


202 pm

about to get a tour at the monastery

I used to hae a bunch of logs with images, usually from one from that day.

what happened there?


helen is looking

i you know that intimate feeling you get with someone when every day as you both sort of cohabitate talk deeply about things in confidence with one another.

i love that feeling even when its not related at all to me. like i love the idea of being able to snug up with a bunch or recordings of other people’s real intimate convos, ther’s a whole ecosystem of banned audio audio that you can’t broadcast audio that you can’t put on a blog post audio that would get you killed or worse a job -==-=-=-=-=–==–==-=–


a small dinner break from rehearsals

temp ()diff link below LINE -==–=-=-==–==-=-=-=–=-=-=–=-==—==–=-==–=-==-=–=-=-==–=-==–=-=-=-==-=–==-=-=-=–=-==-=-==–==–==-=-=-

-=-=-=-=–=-= setlist SCF:

  1. life is a sacred circle

    life is a sacred circle
    we dance to pray
    we pray to heal
    we heal to live
    we live to dance
    life is a sacred circle
  2. I am a spliff ```

jump in the pool don’t walk now hip hp with your hips out like a pool make you see colors infinite and unique (niQue loop)

yada yada

3. World my stage

world my stage though I feel more a prop clues I’ve learned from view in rearview mob my tongue blunt tool my tongue she like on pop world my stage though I feel more a prop

(v) I think of life like a book that my hook I writing it I the main character I act it Caesar said world your stage it’s up to you what role you play highlitghts highligh my life it romantic god bless it razor sharp focus every rose I notice my religion more women in power I sucka though just a sucka for hyrule herb, red alert, quick jab, bad meme, cute cat girl that make art with her hands yeah like ma ma ma who write 20 post it notes a day alcholic I saw the pattern then I trained my mental screaming I’d walk the plank -walk the plank for my dreams type fuck. bare feet on the coffee table high life no coasters for dad’s coronas lows worth the highs, highs come in 50 flavors I 50 shades of mike I 50 shades of pride I 50 shades of couldn’t curb my taste for a glock 9

(ch) world my stage though I feel more a prop clues I’ve learned, from view in rearview mob my tongue blunt tool my tongue she like on pop world my stage though I feel more a prop

4. I index from 0

(mantra) x4 (laugh)
E, Elon Musk, you think that, you think we simulating do you think you really think that? we simunlating?

5. she breaking glass ceiling

mantra(12) you’ll need a lighter to hire her she aspire to hire to conquer perspire till you retire she think in code on computer she walking you stalker feeling you healing at uni barely breaking even but breaking glass ceiling she breaking glass ceiling

6. Yogo (yolo ratchet ways gogo gadget girls)

mantra(10) great minds think alike great minds fuck sometimes this make me wanna dance (calm piano vibes) I wanna danceb with great minds

7. jordan mike 1 v1

I just lost my cell phone (nooooo) You can call me on katie’s phone (nooooo) I just lost my cell phone (nooooooo)

call me on katie muneerah kenzie briconomu or nikos phone

call me on camerons avery or hunters phone call me not to ask for something unless it making something

9. trapt in the womb

## Extra credit tracks

addy daddy type beat (with live solo)

Freestyle ```

new deal 4 v2 notes

  • drop drums 1:05

holy shit just automate the entire 24 hours a day, each time is a diff type eat, kinda the same thing every day at the same time but different.

for example, addy daddy type beat always plays at 5pm


I have new audio / video every day for every minute