1015AM wednesday jan 23rd 2k19 @ Mars of Venus (Davis.Coffeeshop)

What the people are saying: “”” >because we have an international fucking audience, that’s why

international students as well

some of whom we want to get involved

calls from the coffee shop

I got some info for you

{then a classic move if this is to happen, it should go to you}

”“” >cause I’m more patient or whatever, doesn’t matter

lol how ironic that the headphone port might be messed up on this new laptop



I don’t care I’ll fucking usb out all my audio if I need to.

I’m making a fuckin set with this biznit ahahaha


1041 AM

the internet is slow here ahahahah

but Im still getting shit done

I got the bluetooth heapdhones finally good

listening to a draft of god a lesson I love it

I wanna remake the whole thing

I just freestyled off some random beat

um of um

of fixing people

of tak caring people

and making people better

and getting people to LOVE

to they can not cry again

no one has to do it


that’s a little too much

a little what ?

too much

yeha is it ?

what’s that ?

Most important link of the day, found it in the bathroom but I’m obviously sitting next to a main person in it ut

but gotta pick up briconomu


1232 PM

buckets of kombucha 46822465465464565465465


out to smoke a teeny maybe

Loving air today and won’t lie last night as well.


prodcutvie keepskae

ok ok I need morehyp wtf was the thought let me think

it was something about recording


ge ta whole one take


starting at piano in the art gallery

then starting an interview

let me see if I have the gear

if I have the gear I have to do it, when my eyes aren’t so red though HA

I gotta come back to this place for sure


jesus I gotta get vibing on work right here….

add audio to new poliwat site

why so they can make a movie
hollywood sells your story
I dont need a beat to get groovy
of running 10 foster homes then came out boring

ok so for pale blue, I’m going to launch a merch store on bandcamp

but for poliwat that’s going to be the money maker I think

so poliwat tasks look like this:

migrate old https://poliw.at to some free url

upload new (this) to the new poliw.at (before this can happen, need to:) 1. upload 1 new track to poliwat bandcamp.

   git waves ++ output working in ableton

0321pm a good time

my fav time

got the ableton trial its bomb

getting arcade by output trial

Im the trial king !!! !ahahahahah a

lets go

make the last to do list here next

but alls


what can I squeeze in the 4 hour production:

2 posts to two sites:

music video ++ song ++ 2 blog posts

blog post has a moving image

420 pm

my month goal

i have forty minutes

it oes liek this.

be able to produce a music video with all my own audio and video with 2 blog posts in like 4 hours, 2 different versions of it…. the yin and the yang version. also stream whenever I’m making something…

budget for the first 1 is as many hours as it takes to define the workflow - then Im allowed to get trippy and will still get good consistent results :D

0-0-00–0-0-0-00- listening to kendrick’s unreleased shit and its soo dope


every single piece of mail is taken a photo of - imagine that database.

keeps name address post mark location and everything

there in that database is an indicator of some gnarly shit

hiding in plane site

this is hypothetical house with michael I hope you are having a nice night I hope I’m having a nice life

0610pm farmers market fleshlight every single saturday

”‘ive seen my good fill of crabs”’ -briconomu