1119 pm

listening to poetics 2 rehearsal tape.

[[ paleblue beatz despression ]]
well i already made all the music
for the entire planet

the therapy couch taught me
by taking me by hand

getting a set together for the 6th, going to Vina tomorrow to tour everything monk life

ch 36:

my final scene, the person is led to believe that it’s not my last scene, but Im behaving as if its my last scene chamber 36 my final scene something about it bein my last that being important

tongiht i just need to meditate to some of my tunes honestly at this point

that’s crazy

just had a long talk on the couch with ted - cam was working on the music cues…. much love to both of them, I can only communicate certain things with them, and it’s a treasure to be able to do so.

1211 am

alrght fuck this im going to be candid finally

no more pussy footing around it

i flat out wont admit only one thing im aware of

but i will admit that i lost some focus muscles today….

my gopro didn’t have the SD card in it and my recorder died on me. the recorder died right as Denis and I were conversing on some bench in koshland park (I think its called that) a year ago. So we were making the reunion tape

now that makes me wanna be obsessed with reunion tapes

now i understand love

now i understand love
i don't care who you're with
now that I understand love
there i said it i meant it

who could stop me from making more? only myself. And damn now that I have the computer, do I have the focus? it was real great hitting noisebridge today- they really upped the vibe. There’s 2 music making stations that are new, among other things.

I love it I cant wait to make more stuff there

but to speak more candid

theres a lot of tensionbetween jack and I

and he’s being a total dick and he can’t seem to control it ill give him a healthy dose

so what can I say? today was more of a therapy day

for sure

had a last with dennis just two young men walking around san francisco we found two other parks and played with a bouncy ball it was a dream he bought me a carne asada burrito and club mate tea and

wtf am i listening to my tunes omg

my tunes are a lot better tan i remember from like a month ago

1226 am

time is going by really really slow right now.

 it's a little known fact
 if you keep singing
 you will be rewarded
 just keep singing
 idk I'm tempted to get dev up on VR chat
 but I gotta save that
 I gotta make a set first
 then I can go play that

 who knows
 I know
 i have huge dreams
 pointless me
 without my dreams
 i incomplete
 without my dreams
 i get mean
 without my dreams
 so you wanna take me out now

 lost in

 oh wait
 more volume all i need
 sometimes when i freestyle
 sometimes when i feel yall
 finish a set so you can feel
 finish a set so you can feeeeeeeellllll ya'Copyright (c) 2018 Copyright Holder All Rights Reserved.

am i findinthe bounds of my work and then blasting through it