omg i left my clothes at the locker in the theatre and they don’t open up again until tuesday.

so I’m only in my fred outfit with the red jumper and cam’s pants he wore when he got the job at ebay.

jacks’ about to be here, Im at cam’s’ apartment by myself. Everyone went to Marina’s for bagels but chris and I were too tired

im love sick and it’s only been 2 hours

I wanna shower but jack will be here soon


had a great session with jack and cleaned camTedGus’s apartment and went to noisebridge. cam’s going to bring my chinese food omg I haven’t eaten all day and I love it and I love you and I am so focused.

Just got my mind blew from two guys at this audio church meetup I stumbled into on accident. it’s funny cause last year it was me talking to james initially that started that audio church thing..

I think I’m going to make some coffee to get through the final stretch of food. I got an email and I need to respond.

her toe is blue

the toe tells time
our thing timeless
this time your turn
to be crazy
my turn to be patient
patience as a virtue
don't let them trick you
her toe is blue
pale lads can't compete
ocean's not in their feet
little bitches at heart
al hubbard  
aye nay
gotta freetyle up on naynay
naynays house naynays blouse
yeah turn it around 711 now
dm fifty pow
she stil suck it wow
only cost 5 dolla for that
maybe bubba gump shrimp
maybe after that
pull the ketchup on my dick
then go and lick ya bitch
and I know she smoke crack
so she see the ghosts too
talk to them (ah)
speaking like spock
watching star trek when we naked as fuck
in the basement
yeah mom's house
I love my mom's place my house is a safe space  


I forgot to tell you
my toe is now blue!
Didn't forget tell you
love you grab you
soft and hard
from sink to yard
inside outside
there's hope in our lack of it
why medium game feel the longest  


yeah im in love im in love but I got a girl that bought me this laptop
found her at the academy of ballet

imma make beats
imma make anybody cum
because im a a slave to the beat
and the beat is me
that is me when Im sober
feels like Im up on rum
i dont even need to cum
because every single step is a waltz
life is a waltz
come on up and get so
focus focus focus focus

every single day make new music music music
I trangress I feel bad about it
god damn I need a patron
so I dont have to do
such bad hood rat shit
holy shit beign a gangster
walking silver lining
CIA on lucy
everybody timeless
god damn I know
some of the aliens are homo sapiens ahead of me

I cannot count rhyming cause I thinking bout love
god damn it I fucked her without using the glove
Imma have to shower at cam's apartment
uh uh uh oh
laughter and dapper I take fun so seriously
you think you coming up too seriously?
thinking cosby up in the backround
hate that part of myself reprogram it today
take some lucy get on better
I'll just go meditate in the woods
just like my father

living in a van living with some cheap rent
living with some musician fiends god damn
and I know that love and legacy will be what feeds
my soul in the end baby
I'm talking more songs I'm talking I plead the fifth
who I make love to or what aout when I spit
god damn I don't care about tits
cause I will die but my ideas won't bitch

yea let me

dolores park (ya)

I just want the guac though
but where the glock wheres the water ya
``` im sorry my actions not as intended but it went from cams couch jack's window to teds bed to bobs room ```

chad mike


gf got you a laptop


ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok okokok ok okokokokokokok

am I complacent listening to freestyle tapes or not oh no

Andre Boucher fan club

meets on call now

Andre never liked scheduling



friends dont let friends patent
open source or die sorry you complacent


never made it to the cutter
playing butternut squash
made it till 9pm
before eatting ya
veggie sanwhich
wrote down cam's couch
coming from the andre boucher fan club
signing off
chat encrypt

what a tangled web we left