just got downtown to tabby cat coffee with Briconomu

power went out last night

I read her arthur C clark the sequel to 2001 - she hadn’t seen the movie though.

fuji slept over and he gave me a secret bump of coke right when I woke up we kept between us.

then Briconomu made preworkout pink drinks from I think costco and now we have coffee - the mocha java so I’m feeling pretty good.

media monk though !

Ian and I have been talking about the 24 / 7 internet radio station

and I’ve been thinking about the abbott mark paul when he gave us a tour

I wanna regimentize, like do the same thing at the same tiime around the house but do it slightly differently each day.

I think Imma do that and people are invited to join, and the schedule is basically online for the duration of the thing. I’ll start with just me and Ian though.

but the idea of a monk in his cell, that’s where all the magic happens.

doing the same routine is a way to go deeper down some good rabbit holes. And I need to do that for songwriting.

then after that either the book LaC or 36choR.

spoke with this old man allen yesterday at sc roasters, and this is where he recomended to go, so I recomended it to Briconomu. It used to be called cafe bene, but Allen said the owner got 100 grand to change the name. It’s the same awesome vibe, it’s called tabby cat or something. Names of places I like to forget easily. I like to jumble them all togther into the category of coffee in general. Cause this is a place for coffee. And I love coffee at all times. I’ve been pretty good at chilaxing back on the caffeine lately though.

these loud ass frogs I recorded over by west cliff, behind the women’s restroom just before the lighthouse just came on. The one thing I love about groove music so far is that it automatically places at the top bounces from my ableton. And I make many bounces a day so it’s different.

all my servers down though, I’m going to have to maybe just set one up on a rasberry pi at the house.

I could use a cig but prolly won’t smoke any today. But the rain is damn nice. it stormed last night and the power has been out at the house since about 11 pm or so. I spent the morning playing Briconomu music and she wrote me a card. I’m about to start on mine.

Niko’s ex is playing a show at some anti-vday halloween party I tactfully suggested as a good idea, but I know in my gut Muneerah will be there and she doesn’t seem to want to see me. I think if I just talk to her a little more we can be friends though. Cause I miss hanging out with her for sure. She said why I lead her to believe @#$%^&&^%) yadda yadda and I’m like in my head why are you so dumb to believe that, I told you multiple times. I just vibe with making art at all times. I take things one day at a time, and go anywhere to make something cool and fun and hopefully profound.

I gotta call jack right now - him and helen tried to call me last night but the power went out to the house and everyone lost service. I love woods life!

What a music hosue it is, within minutes of the power going off, zach and jacob downstairs did drums and guitar. I really want to make the internet will not be homogenized with them, it’ll come out sick. just iphone video style would even look good.

and we can just make tik toks lol. I feel like I’m going to be using cripsi’s phone with him more often. Can’t wait to setup the studio and start media monk life. Back to letter, then job work stuff.

the first line of it
acid confession of it
we were high
bin moonlight
it was just a field a pond a river
you didn't want to go in the water

fighting for captain

stoyyboard for an hour

account for every minute of the day

when is the data lounge open, that’s the passive feed


im wearing your sunglasses

i respect you not the reason we hang

im wearing your sunglasses

im in the car

im in this car listening to trippy chris

always drive when i wear the pants

sometimes lie in back of chris's van

im wearing your sunglasses

though its pouring rain

im wearing your sunglasses

we dont waste time on blame

ill never forget this is the day

i met roop kang

roop kang pulled over and offered a J

Briconomu and i jumped in the back today

we smoked we talked he'd be broken up for 6 months
on V day, used to be married, but now introduces himself with a blunt
sideways glance and 50 questions at that
now we got another coming to the music festival at my house !

living for the day while growing up dog on my shoe
jokes get me as far as I choose
nothing is futile when you got nothing to lose
on borrowed time I borrowed a buck from niko kush
now I can print my resume and make more tunes
told allen im 9k hours deep I don't plan to lose
fuck with it
every single day an act of creation
this in a car while I listening
to bad trip free lsd
bad trip free lsd

jams all night
Briconomu on the phone with her granpa
she's scared of, heard of locatelli family
in the mafia? I fuck with nothing but a good code
please don't kill me as I fight to the die yo
got my ass kicked twice I love a good fight Though

freestyle until you like me yo
day without bruises day wasted on cams couch dude
compose short songs title them after wally wolf ludes
freestyle I got bars then pass out when my friends pass out
dont rhyme cause I don't wanna be a clown now
this isn't a performance fuck you its a sentiment
I don't need to say fuck you to troll you with stolen jerky in my mouth
on cams couch
he's got my martin till I get my life together now
some think I steal most think I'm cheeel
who am I kidding Im a spaz what now?
learn your ugliest truth and get out!
sticks and stones couldn't break my dick wow
when I get high I think I smeagul with the cock ring now
frodo know though
frodo know now though
frodo in peripheral netflix unconditional love only when we fucked up
holy shit did I just do this Imma keep it on the down low
Briconomu pacing still on the phone
I miss mexico yo hablo espanol
on a good day Im a bad whore
on a bad day Im a good one
took a toke and some coke from Fujji upon waking
now it's 636 Im saying add the three
bring it on
demons are pussies when you this fucked up
seen too much now I wanna see more
of your damn neck

then deer hunting with roop
mispell his name to king
from stranger to friend
15 minutes tops lifers in the end
crazy shit going down
don't need another cig
stretch it out get one off
place it down hold it out
no advice cept act sleep eat
get high and song write
{{ sober and sad ]] happy and high